1 Person Traditional Sauna RY-011 model


Capacity:1 Person
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Size:1200*1200*1900mm(can customize the size)
Capacity:1 Person
Feature:Sauna stove

Control panel

15kgs Lava stone

Barrel and spoon


Sand timer

7 Colored Led Lights


1 Person Traditional Sauna Room

Do you know that you can transform a small area into a relaxing and tranquil space with numerous health benefits by just installing the Royal Sauna 1 person traditional sauna. 1 person traditional sauna is specifically designed for the users living in small apartments with little space available for the sauna installation. The Royal Sauna’s 1 person traditional sauna offers you the following signature specifications that are hard to find anywhere else.

Durable Exterior

The 1 person traditional home sauna is designed to give you a lifetime experience and therefore, it is made with the durable material. The hemlock wood lasts for years to give you a life-changing sauna experience. Moreover, it could endure the weather effects and hence it is perfectly suitable for the outdoor installation of the single person home sauna.

The Sleek Design

The personal home sauna has a sleek design that could enhance the beauty, value and look of the installation area. No matter, if you install it indoors or outdoors, it always complements the installation location.

1 Person Sauna Seating

Single person traditional sauna is designed for a single user, though it is small in size, but the seating is comfortable enough to give the user ample space to relax and stretch the body while getting the heat therapy. Moreover, the bench is smooth with a back support to give you a perfect posture so that you can enjoy every bit of the sauna experience.

The Heating System

With its high-quality sauna stove and 15 kgs Lava stone the Royal Sauna’s 1 person traditional home sauna gives you the constant heat to nourish and relax your body muscles.

Efficient Sand Timer

The One Person traditional sauna has an efficient sand timer to give you an idea about the duration of the sauna session.

The Sauna Accessories

You will get the wonderful, yet beneficial sauna accessories by getting the single person sauna from the Royal Sauna. Pre-installed sauna kit has a barrel and spoon which helps you to increase or decrease the humidity in the sauna ambiance. Both of these accessories are designed with a durable material that could endure the heat and humidity of the sauna without being affected by it.

The Control Panel

The single person sauna stove has a control panel that helps you in increasing or decreasing the sauna temperature according to your body’s needs, stamina and health conditions.

The Size

The Royal Sauna manufactures individual home sauna in 1200*1200*1900mm. However, if you want to get a single person sauna bigger or smaller than this, you can get the customized size of the 1 personal traditional sauna from us.

What are Some Marvelous Benefits of the Royal Sauna One Person Traditional Sauna?

Apart from the signature specifications and features, the Royal Sauna’s 1 person traditional sauna offers you some marvelous benefits. We are sure you want to know about those amazing advantages of the single person steam sauna. So, here we are going to discuss those amazing benefits of the one person home sauna.

Your Personal Comforting Space

We at the Royal Sauna has designed the 1 person home sauna specifically for you to get the heat therapy in your own personal and comforting space. You can install it in the small area of your home and use it whenever you want to get relax.

Comfortable Seat

You cannot enjoy the sauna session until the seats are comfortable to give you a perfect and relaxing posture, therefore, the Royal Sauna single person sauna offers you comfortable seat to relax and enjoy while maintaining a perfect posture.

Keep an Eye on the Session Duration

The timing of the sauna session is vital to consider if you want to get the health benefits. You must not over use the sauna. To help you, the Royal Sauna has installed a sand timer in the 1 person home sauna. Keep an eye on the sand timer and use the sauna accordingly. If you are a new user, 5 minute sauna session is enough. However, the seasoned user could use the traditional sauna for 20 to 25 minutes.

Control Humidity

The single person steam sauna of the Royal Sauna has a control panel that helps you to increase or decrease the humidity in the sauna ambiance. Moreover, the accessories such as barrel and spoon also help you in controlling the sauna temperature.

A Lifetime Experience

Though it is small in size, but the Royal Sauna never compromises on the quality because it is committed to giving you the best sauna experience. The Royal Sauna one person traditional sauna is made with hemlock wood that is durable an weather resistant and give you a lifetime experience.

The Limitations of the 1 Person Traditional Sauna

Though a single person traditional home sauna offers you excellent and competitive benefits, but the only limitation is that it could not adjust more than one user. If you want to share the sauna experience with your partner, friends and family, the one person sauna may not be the best choice for you.

Some FAQs About the 1 Person Traditional Sauna

How much Does one Person Sauna Cost?

On average, one person sauna costs you $1,000 to $3,000. To get the precise information about the one person sauna contact the Royal Sauna team.

What is the Best One Person Sauna?

  • The Royal Sauna
  • Dynamic Sauna
  • Radiant Saunas
  • Sunray Saunas
  • Lifesmart Saunas

Do Personal Sauns Really Work?

Yes, personal saunas really work by raising your body temperature and by giving you the heat  therapy. Moreover, they give you a personal space to relax and enjoy.

Is It Worth Having a Sauna at Home?

If you have a sauna at home, you can easily use it whenever you want to and you don’t have to go outside of your comfort zone to get the health and other sauna advantages.

What are Single Person Steam Saunas Good For?

The steam saunas are good for your cardiovascular health. Moreover, the increase the blood circulation and maintain your blood pressure.

You can get all these health benefits with signature specifications by just getting the one person sauna from the Royal Sauna.  So, hurry up! Contact the Royal Sauna team and get the sauna to enjoy all these mind-blowing benefits in your own comfort zone.

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