• 2 Person Traditional Sauna
  • 2 Person Traditional Sauna
  • 2 Person Traditional Sauna
  • 2 Person Traditional Sauna

2 Person Traditional Sauna RY-012 model


Capacity:2 Persons
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Size:1500*1200*1900mm(can customize the size)
Capacity:2 Persons
Feature:Sauna stove

Control panel

15kgs Lava stone

Barrel and spoon


Sand timer

7 Colored Led Lights


2 Person Traditional Sauna Room

2 person sauna could become a perfect relaxing spot for you and your partner. On average, a 2 person sauna is 4 feet wide and hence it could be installed in a small area in your home. The 2 person sauna is a best choice for you if you want to share the sauna experience with your partner or someone special. The Royal Sauna two person traditional sauna offers you the following amazing and excellent features and give you one of the best sauna experience.

The Signature Features of the Royal Sauna 2 Person Sauna

Durable Material

The 2 man traditional sauna is made with durable hemlock wood that is durable and lasts for years without any damage to give you a lifetime experience. To give you a natural feel, the Royal Sauna does not paint or varnish the sauna. The natural honey blond color of the 2 person sauna looks catchy and beautiful whether you install it indoors or outdoors.

Perfect Size and Trendy Shape

The 2 person sauna of the Royal Sauna is available in 1500*1200*1900mm and in a rectangular shape that looks complementary at the installation area. However, this is not the only shape and size available for the 2 person traditional sauna, you can customize the shape and size of the sauna from the Royal Sauna.

The Comforting Seats for 2 Users

The comfort level of the sauna seats could enhance or diminish the sauna experience. Therefore, to give you one of the best comforting experience, the 2 person sauna of the Royal Sauna offers you comforting seats with a back support. Moreover, it offers upper and lower benches to adjust the heat and temperature according to your stamina, needs and health conditions.

The Accurate Timer

If you want to get all the claimed health benefits of the sauna, the Royal Sauna suggests to sit in the sauna for a moderate time. Therefore, the Royal Sauna has installed an accurate timer in the sauna. It gives you the accurate duration of your sauna session.

The Heating Stove

The sauna has a high-quality heating stove and lava stone to give you an evenly distributed heat. Moreover, it has a control panel to adjust the temperature according to your body’s needs, stamina and health conditions.

The Unmatched Advantages of the 2 Person Traditional Sauna

Customized Size

2 person sauna is one of the smallest saunas. It is available in 1500*1200*1900mm. However, if you want to get a customized size according to the available space in your home. You can get from the Royal sauna. Share your preferences with our team and get the best suitable for your home.

Evenly Distributed Heat

Though, the 2 person sauna is one of the smallest saunas. However, it offers equally nourishing and soothing heat therapy. Moreover, the sauna heating system evenly distributes heat in the sauna ambiance. The even distribution of heat gives equally nourishing and soothing therapy to all the sauna users.

Built to Last

2 person traditional sauna is small in size, but it is equally durable like any other large sized sauna. It is made with the durable hemlock wood to stay with you for years. The hemlock sauna could last for 10-15 years, however, with proper care and maintenance you can increase the life span of the sauna.

A Relxing Retreat for You and Your Partner

The sauna is specifically designed for you and your partner. If you want to enjoy heat therapy, no need to go outside to public saunas and gym.  The 2 person home sauna is equally nourishing and soothing to relax your bodies. Moreover, it is always available as your personal space,enjoy the session whenever you want to.

Minimum Purchasing Cost

The sauna is a small sized sauna, therefore, its purchasing cost is less than the large sized saunas. If you have a small budget, yet want to get the sauna, the 2 person sauna is your way to go.

The Running Cost

No one wants to spend hundred of dollars on running cost after spending thousands of dollars in purchasing the sauna. The 2 person sauna could save a lot of running cost. It runs on 2,000W power and cause you only a few dollars monthly in purchasing cost.

Easier to Maintain and Clean

The sauna is small in size with a limited interior space. Therefore, it is easier to maintain the sauna cleanliness and hygiene. Moreover, limited users use the sauna. Less number of users means less dirt and dust and it ultimately lead to easier cleaning process.

The Limitations of the 2 Person Traditional Sauna

The only limitation of the 2 person sauna is that it accommodates only a limited number of users. If you want to share the sauna with your family and friends, you cannot do so with a 2 person sauna. Moreover, the sauna could not become a venue for the get together and social gathering with its limited space.  Therefore, if you are planning to include it in your get together, get the large sized sauna.

Some FAQs About the 2 Person Traditional Sauna

How Much is a 2 Person Steam Sauna?

On average, a 2 person steam sauna cost you $2,000 to $3,000. To get the precise information about the pricing, contact the Royal Sauna team.

What Size Should a 2 Person Sauna Be?

On average a 2 person sauna is 4’x6′ to 5’x7′. However, it could be bigger or smaller than this depending upon the model. Moreover, if you have any size preferences, you can get customized sized sauna from the Royal Sauna.

Is a 2 Person Sauna the Smallest Sauna?

It is one of the smallest saunas. However, if you want to get a sauna smaller than the 2 person sauna, you can the 1 person sauna. It is smaller in size and adjust only one user.

Can You Install the 2 Person Sauna in Bathroom?

Yes, you can install the 2 person sauna in your master bathroom. In fact, you can install the sauna anywhere in your home, depending upon the available space.

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