• 3 Person Traditional Sauna
  • 3 Person Traditional Sauna

3 Person Traditional Sauna RY-013 model


Capacity:3 Persons
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Size:2000*1500*2100mm(can customize the size)
Capacity:3 Persons
Feature:Sauna stove

Control panel

15kgs Lava stone

Barrel and spoon


Sand timer

7 Colored Led Lights


3 Person Traditional Sauna Room

Are 1 and 2 person saunas are too small for you? The Royal Sauna presents you 3 person traditional sauna that could accommodate 3 users in its spacious interior to give them sauna bath and heat therapy. The sauna requires a medium sized area for the installation. It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. However, many users prefer outdoor installation of the traditional saunas.

The Royal Sauna’s 3 person traditional sauna is equipped with excellent features to give you the best sauna experience. Let’s have a look at some of the mind-blowing features of the 3 person sauna features.

The Mind-Blowing Features of the 3 Person Traditional Sauna by Royal Sauna

Designed for Your Home

With its complementary design and color, the sauna is specifically designed for your home. The rectangular shape, natural honey colored sauna will look beautiful in your home. You can add the luxurious relaxation in your basement, gym or in your master bathroom. The sauna is designed and made with hemlock wood that lasts for years to give you a lifetime experience.

Premium Accessories

We at the Royal Sauna knows that accessories are mandatory to enhance the sauna experience of the users. Therefore, the three person steam sauna has premium-quality accessories.

The sauna accessories help you in controlling the sauna temperature and humidity. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the sauna temperature with the help of these simple yet amazing accessories. The accessories not only help you in maintaining the sauna temperature, but it helps you to note the session duration.

Apart from the heat therapy, the sauna gives you light therapy. The Royal Sauna three person traditional sauna has 7 colored LED lights to enhance your mood and mental health.

The Excellent Heating System

The sauna has an excellent heating system with a sauna stove, control panel and a lava stone. The best thing about the sauna is that it equally divides the heat in the environment.

Size Customization

The Royal Sauna designs the 3 person traditional sauna in 2000*1500*2100mm. However, to design a special sauna for you, the Royal Sauna offers you size customization. You can get the size according to the available space in your home.

The Advantages of the 3 Person Traditional Sauna

Your Personal Space

A 3 person traditional sauna is designed for your home and you can install it anywhere in your home depending upon the available space and area. It offers you the luxurious space and a tranquil environment to enjoy your time.

User Friendly

The sauna is designed to give you the relaxation and comfort. Therefore, the Royal Sauna installs the features that are user friendly. You can easily use and maintain the sauna being in your own personal space.

Built for Lifetime

The Royal Sauna knows that the saunas are your one-time investment. No one likes to spend huge amount on purchasing the sauna that could not last long. Therefore, the Royal Sauna designs the sauna with the hemlock wood. The material is a weather and heat resistant and lasts for years to give you a lifetime experience. The hemlock sauna could last for 10-15 years. However, with proper care it could last longer than this.

Full Spectrum Light and Heat Therapy

Thanks to the heating system and LED lights, you can enjoy the full spectrum light and heat therapy. High-quality heating system evenly distributes heat in the sauna. The heat targets every muscle of your body and gives you a soothing and nourishing feeling. Moreover, the light therapy ease the stress and tension of your day. It further enhances your mood and improve mental health.

Comforting Seats

The seats are wide and comforting to give you a relaxing experience. The Royal Sauna has installed a back support enhance your comfort level.

Customized Design

The Royal sauna values your choice and preferences, therefore it offers customized designs. You can get the customized features, design and size in your preferred sauna. The Royal Sauna team strives to give you the best experience. Share your preferences, choice and interest and get a customized design sauna for you.

Limitations of the 3 Person Traditional Sauna

3 person steam sauna is equipped with excellent features. It offers you mind-blowing advantages and flawless design. However, the only drawback and the limitation of the 3 person traditional sauna is its limited space.

It offers a spacious interior for three users. However, it could not adjust more than three users in its interior. Therefore, it may not be a suitable option for the users with large family and social circle. Moreover, if you want to include the sauna in your small family gatherings, 3 person sauna is not your way to go.

Some FAQs About 3 Person Traditional Sauna

How Much is a 3 Person Steam Sauna?

The price of the sauna depends upon the features, brand, size and the area you are getting the sauna. However, an average 3 person sauna costs you $5,000 to $6,000. To get the precise information about the pricing of the sauna, contact the Royal Sauna team.

What is the Size of the 3 Person Sauna?

The Royal Sauna designs the sauna in 2000*1500*2100mm. However, you can get the customized size. Share the available space and get the customized size that will be perfectly fit in your home.

What is the Preferred Shape of the 3 Person Sauna?

Though 3 person sauna is available in various shapes. However, the most preferred shape is rectangular sauna. It looks beautiful and complementary at the installation area.

What are the Specifications of the 3 Person Steam Sauna?

Royal Sauna’s 3 person sauna offers you the following specifications.

  • Glass door
  • Therapy lights
  • Therapy heat
  • Air vents
  • Control panel
  • Durable primary material
  • Comforting space
  • Back support of the seats

So, if you want to get these matchless features and specification in your sauna, get the one from the Royal Sauna. The Royal Sauna welcomes your suggestions, share your ideas and we will bring them into reality. Hurry up! Contact our team and get your sauna at the earliest to enjoy a lifetime experience.

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