• 4 Person Traditional Sauna
  • 4 Person Traditional Sauna

4 Person Traditional Sauna RY-014 model


Capacity:4 4 Persons
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Size:2200*2000*2100mm(can customize the size)
Capacity:4 Persons
Feature:Sauna stove

Control panel

15kgs Lava stone

Barrel and spoon


Sand timer

7 Colored Led Lights


4 Person Traditional Sauna Room

4 person sauna is a medium sized spacious sauna to adjust 4 users in its wide and comforting interior. The Royal sauna designs the sauna in a beautiful design with a catchy yet elegant natural color. The beautiful design of the sauna is a perfect match for the indoor installation. The natural look of the sauna complements the surrounding interior of your home. Apart from enhancing the look and beauty, the sauna offers you some unbeatable and flawless feature.

The Un-Matched Features of the 4 Person Traditional Sauna

Canadian Hemlock Construction

The 4 person traditional sauna is constructed with Canadian hemlock wood. The primary sauna material is durable. As it could endure heat and weather variables, therefore, it lasts for decades to give you a lifetime experience. Moreover, the wood is an excellent natural insulator and contained heat in the sauna for a long duration.

Built for Your Family

The sauna could adjust 4 users in its interior. It provides enough relaxing space for your family to sit together to get the health benefits.  You know you can avoid the panic of going out to the gym and public sauna with your family by just getting the 4 person sauna. It could become an exciting venue for your fun yet beneficial activities.

Nourishing Heat Therapy

The sauna provides equally nourishing therapy to all the users. The heating system of the sauna is installed in such a way that it divides the heat evenly in the environment. Therefore, no matter if you sit close to the heater or far away, you will get the amazing results of heating therapy.

The Relaxing Light Therapy

Light therapy has proven mental health benefits. Therefore, the Royal Sauna has installed seven colored LED  lights in the sauna. You can get the benefits of the light therapy along with heat therapy by getting the 4 person traditional sauna.

Additional Features

The 4 person traditional sauna offers you the following additional features.

  • Glass door
  • LED lights
  • Upper and lower bench
  • Integrated sound system
  • Towel hooks
  • Magazine rack

The Advantages of the 4 Person Traditional Sauna

Perfect Venue for Intimate Gatherings

The sauna could adjust 4 users. If you are planning a small get together with your friends, the sauna is a perfect venue. Share the space with your favorite people, play your favorite music and share your life experience.  The sauna gives you a tranquil ambiance to enjoy your time.

Flexible Installation Location

The sauna is specifically built for your home. You can install it anywhere you want to. It looks perfect in your basement, gym or master bathroom. However, if you have space in any other area, you can install the sauna there.

A Perfect Combo of Light and Heat Therapy

The sauna has high-quality heating system along with beautiful LED lights. You can enjoy a perfect combo of the light and heat therapy by just getting the sauna. Get a sauna session to enjoy the mind-blowing effects on your mental and physical health.

Easy to Use

The sauna offers you amazing health benefits with its excellent features, but it is easy to use. It works on the simple mechanism to make it user friendly for every individual.

Built to Last

The Royal Sauna designs the sauna with Canadian imported hemlock wood. The material is strong and durable enough to last for years without damage. You can save yourself from the panic of maintenance and repair by getting the sauna.

Spacious Yet Comforting Interior

The 4 person sauna provides enough space to the users to stretch their bodies. Moreover, the seats are equally comfortable and relaxed for every user. The sauna offers upper and lower benches to the users to adjust the heat.

The Limitations of the 4 Person Steam Sauna

4 person steam sauna offers you multiple health and other advantages. However, the sauna has certain limitations. 4 person sauna is a medium sized sauna therefore, it could not be installed in small areas. It needs a medium sized area for the installation. Therefore, if you have a small space available, the sauna may not be a perfect choice for you.

Moreover, the traditional and steam sauna gives you a humid environment. While, some users love to sit in the dry heat. If you love dry heat, the traditional sauna may not be a suitable choice for you. Additionally, you have to take care of the ventilation to install the steam sauna and it will increase the installation cost. Therefore, the sauna may not be an ideal option for the users with small budgets.

Some FAQs About the 4 Person Traditional Sauna

How Big a 4 Person Sauna Should Be?

On average a 4 person traditional sauna is 6 feet by 5 feet. The Royal Sauna’s 4 person sauna is available in 2200*2000*2100mm. However, you can customize the size according to the available space.

How Much is a 4 Person Sauna?

The 4 person sauna price depends upon multiple variables, including the features, size, primary material, brand and the country you are getting the sauna. However, to know the exact price of the 4 person sauna contact the Royal Sauna team.

What are the Available Shapes of the 4 Person Sauna?

  • Oval shaped sauna
  • Rectangular sauna
  • Square shaped sauna

Rectangular shaped sauna is one of the most preferred sauna shapes. It is easily adjusted in your home and gives a balanced and perfect look to the installation area.

Where Do You Install the 4 Person Traditional Sauna?

The sauna is designed for your home. You can install it anywhere you want to. You can install it in basement, gym or in your master bathroom. Moreover, it could be installed outdoors in your backyard or garden. If you are going to install the 4 person steam sauna, make sure the installation space have a proper ventilation system to air out the hot air and humidity.

Do You Need Concrete Slab Under the Sauna?

If you install the sauna indoors, the house infrastructure is enough to give the support. However, if you are going to install the sauna outdoors, put a concrete slab under the sauna for support.

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