• 5 Person Traditional Sauna
  • 5 Person Traditional Sauna

5 Person Traditional Sauna RY-015 model


Capacity:4 5 Persons
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Size:2200*2200*2100mm(can customize the size)
Capacity:5 Persons
Feature:Sauna stove

Control panel

15kgs Lava stone

Barrel and spoon


Sand timer

7 Colored Led Lights


5 Person Traditional Sauna Room

The sauna is one of the largest saunas that Royal Sauna designs for you. The sauna could adjust 5 users in its wet yet comfortable interior. You can enjoy heat therapy along with light therapy and tranquil environment.

Imagine, you don’t have to go to the public gym or sauna to get the heat therapy, because you have your personal relaxing spot.  The Royal Sauna’s 5 person sauna has marvelous and fantastic features to enhance your sauna experience.

The Fantastic Features of the 5 Person Traditional Sauna

Natural Yet Durable Material

The sauna is made with the natural yet durable material. The Canadian imported hemlock wood is known for its resilience and durability. It means that the sauna could last for years without any damage and loss. Additionally, the sauna wood is weather resistant, it make the sauna suitable for the outdoor installation. Moreover, the sauna wood is natural insulator and it could contain the heat for a long duration.

Ergonomically Design

Ergonomically design sauna makes full use of the natural and outdoor light. Moreover, the see through glass wall enhances the beauty of the sauna. Indoor LED lights and the natural light give you a perfect combo of natural and synthetic beauty.

Evenly Distributed Heat

The Royal Sauna installs an excellent heating system in the sauna to evenly distribute the heat in all corners. The even distribution of the heat gives all the users an equally comfortable heat therapy. Moreover, The sauna accessories allow you to control the sauna temperature and humidity. Additionally, you can note down the session duration with the help of the sand timer.

The Tranquil Sauna Ambiance

The Royal Sauna designs the interior of the sauna to give you a tranquil environment. The interior has wide and comfortable seats to provide enough space for all the users to sit comfortably. The back support provides additional relaxation for all the users. Moreover, the 7 colored LED lights further enhance the tranquility in the ambiance. It enhances your mood and nourish your soul.

The Amazing Advantages of the 5 Person Traditional Sauna

Promising Life Span

The sauna is made with a durable material. Therefore, it lasts for years without any major breakage and loss. The material is weather resistant and equally suitable for outdoor installation. Get a hemlock wood 5 person sauna and it will welcome you for years to enjoy and relax.

The Comfort of Heat and Light Therapy

The Royal Sauna installs an excellent quality sauna stove and control panel to nourish your body. You can increase or decrease the sauna temperature according to your comfort level.

Apart from heat therapy, the sauna offers light therapy with its beautiful LED lights. It enhances your mood and mental health. So, if you want to enjoy heat and light therapy combo, get the Royal Sauna’s 5 person sauna.

A Perfect Venue for Intimate Gathering

The sauna  could adjust 5 users in its interior. Therefore, if you plan to have a small, intimate get together at your home, the sauna could become an amazing venue. Invite your friends, read your favorite books and enjoy the playlist while getting the heat therapy.

Multiple Number of Users

The sauna has more capacity than the small saunas. You can enjoy the heat therapy with your favorite people around you. Therefore, get the 5 person sauna and spend quality time with your friends and family.

A Few Drawbacks of the 5 Person Traditional Sauna

Large Installation Space

The 5 person sauna has a larger interior than the small saunas. Therefore, it needs more installation space than the small saunas. If you live in the small apartment with small installation area available, then the sauna may not be a perfect option for you.

High Running Cost

The 5 person traditional sauna runs on the 6000 watts. Therefore, the running cost of the sauna is higher than the small saunas. If you want to have less running cost, get a small sized sauna for your home.

Higher Purchasing Cost than Small Saunas

In addition to the running cost, the purchasing cost of the sauna is also higher than small saunas. Therefore, if you have small and limited budget to purchase the sauna, get a small sized sauna for your home.

The Privacy Concerns

5 person sauna is designed for 5 users.  If you get the 5 person sauna, you have to share it with others that might feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if you love to enjoy alone, get smaller sized sauna for you.

The Maintenance and Cleaning Cost

To enjoy the sauna, you have to keep it clean and hygienic. The wider interior of the 5 person sauna needs more cleaning material, energy and time. Therefore, if you want to clean the sauna quickly, get a small sized sauna for you.

Some FAQs About the 5 Person Traditional Sauna

How Much Does a 5 Person Traditional Sauna Cost?

The 5 person sauna could cost you $3,000 to $5,000. However, the cost could be more or less than this depending upon the size, specifications, material, brand and the country you are getting the sauna. To know the exact price of the sauna, contact the Royal Sauna team.

What is the Labor Cost of the 5 Person Sauna?

The labor cost of the 5 person sauna ranges between $2,000 to $4,000 depending upon your area. To know the exact labor cost, contact the local dealer.

Is 5 Person Sauna Expensive to Run?

The 5 person sauna uses more energy than smaller sized sauna. However, saunas are not costly to run. The cost depends on the usage frequency and the rate per unit in your area.

Can You Adjust the Sauna Temperature?

Royal Sauna installs the control panel in all the models of the traditional sauna. You can easily control the temperature and humidity in the 5 person traditional saunas.

Does the Sauna has Upper and Lower Benches?

Yes, all the models of the Royal Sauna have upper and lower benches. You can sit anywhere depending upon your comfort level. The temperature is slightly different on upper and lower bench.

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