• 6 Person Traditional Sauna
  • 6 Person Traditional Sauna

6 Person Traditional Sauna RY-016 model


Capacity:6 Persons
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Size:3000*2500*2100mm(can customize the size)
Capacity:6 Persons
Feature:Sauna stove

Control panel

15kgs Lava stone

Barrel and spoon


Sand timer

7 Colored Led Lights


6 Person Traditional Sauna Room

6 person traditional sauna is the largest sauna manufactured by the Royal Sauna. It accommodates 6 users in its wide and comforting interior. The sauna’s high-quality heating system gives an equally soothing heat therapy to all the users. Therefore, if you plan to include sauna to your small gatherings, 6 person sauna could be the best choice for you. Moreover, for an excellent user experience, get the sauna from Royal Sauna. The Royal Sauna installs some excellent features to give you the best experience. Get one from the Royal Sauna and you will enjoy a life-changing experience.

The Specifications of the 6 Person Traditional Sauna

Wide Interior

6 person sauna is one of the largest saunas. Its wide interior is equally comfortable for all the users. The seats are wide to give the space to all the users to stretch their bodies. Wide interior has upper and lower bench that allows you to sit wherever you want to. Moreover, it has back support that further enhances your comfort level.

Long-lasting Material

The sauna is made with Canadian imported hemlock wood. The wood is weather and heat resistant and lasts for years without damage. By getting the hemlock wood sauna, you free yourself from the extra costs of maintenance and repair.

The Ideal Temperature

The Royal Sauna installs a sauna stove, control panel and lava stone give the users an ideal temperature. With the help of control panel, you can control the temperature and humidity. Additionally, the sauna has sand timer that helps you in measuring the session duration.

Refreshing Light Therapy

Who doesn’t love lights? The lights have proven positive impacts on your mood and mental health. Therefore, the Royal Sauna has installed 7 colored LED lights to give you refreshing light therapy. You can customize the light colors according to your choice and taste.


You know who we value the most? You. Therefore, the Royal Sauna offers you customized deals. You can customize the size and features of the 6 person sauna. The sauna is available in 3000*2500*2100mm. However, you can get the size of your choice and available installation space.

The Promising Advantages of the 6 Person Traditional Sauna

Built to Stay With You

The sauna is made with durable material. By investing one-time, it stays with you for a lifetime and saves a lot of your maintenance budget. However, you need to take proper care of it, if you want to enjoy the sauna for 10 to 15 years.

Specifically Designed for Your Home

The Royal sauna offers customized deals. You can share your choice, preferences and taste to get a suitable sauna for you. The Royal Sauna designs the  sauna according to the available space and the interior of your home. So, if you get a customized sauna, it looks amazingly beautiful and complementary in your home.

A Relaxing Retreat for Your Family

The sauna offers you heat, light and numerous other fantastic feature. It has all the specifications to give you a perfect sauna session. So, whenever you are bored, you can spend some quality time with your friends and family in the sauna.

Multiple Number of Users

The sauna could adjust multiple number of users to give them therapy. You can include the sauna fun activities in your family gatherings. Moreover, you can invite a group of your friends to have fun at your place. So, no matter what type of gathering it is, the sauna could become a perfect venue.

The Disadvanatges of the 6 Person Traditional Sauna

Higher Cost than the Small Saunas

The sauna has more capacity and space than the small saunas. Therefore, the cost is higher than the small saunas. If you have a small budget to purchase the sauna, 6 person traditional sauna may not be your way to go.

Large Installation Space

6 person sauna has large interior than the small saunas. Therefore, it needs more installation space than the small sized saunas. If you have a small area available for the sauna installation, 6 person sauna may not be the best choice for you.

Privacy Concerns

Some users enjoy the sauna when they are alone. They feel uncomfortable if they share the sauna with others. Therefore, if you are a private person and love to spend time alone, 6 person sauna may not be an option for you.

Higher Running Cost

The sauna runs on the 6000W. Therefore, the running cost of the 6 person sauna is higher than the other small sized saunas. If you have limited budget for the running cost, Royal Sauna suggests to have a small sized sauna.

Some FAQs About the 6 Person Sauna

How Much Does a 6 Person Sauna Cost?

On average a 6 person sauna costs $6,000 to $9,000. To know the exact cost of the 6 person sauna, contact the Royal Sauna team.

What is the Best Material to Build the 6 Person Sauna?

If you want to get the sauna made with the best material, Royal Sauna suggests having a hemlock or cedar wood sauna. These materials are durable, weather and heat resistant and natural insulators. Therefore, they give you the best and lifetime sauna experience.

Which Material You Need to Install the 6 Person Sauna?

6 person sauna is the largest and heavy-weight sauna. Therefore, it needs a proper installation. If you want to run the sauna for a long time, install it over a vinyl, ceramic or concrete slab. Make sure the slab is thick and strong to endure the sauna weight.

What is the Ideal Bench Width of the 6 Person Sauna?

The ideal width of the 6 person sauna bench is 430mm. However, you can get wider benches according to your needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Install the 6 Person Sauna?

The 6 person sauna is larger than the other saunas. Therefore, the installation cost of the sauna is higher than the other saunas. Moreover, the cost may vary from area to area and state to state. To know the exact installation cost of the 6 person sauna, contact the local dealer.

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