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Royal Sauna is one most outstanding manufacturer of outdoor sauna room in China. We will provide excellent and fair services. Our version of the outdoor sauna room has numerous properties that can bring benefits to your business. When wanting a reliable outdoor sauna manufacturer, Royal Sauna is the exact and professional one!. Contact us now!

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All Royal saunas are manufactured according to strict ISO9001 and 6S Quality Management System.

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Outdoor Sauna Room

Do you love to sit in your backyard or lawn more than the lounge? Do you love nature? Do you want to get a sauna? Do you want to install the sauna in your backyard? If yes, you can get an outdoor sauna to install in your backyard or lawn to enjoy the sauna benefits and natural scenery simultaneously. The outdoor sauna is specifically designed for users who love outdoor settings yet want to enjoy the sauna experience.

Various outdoor sauna manufacturers work to design saunas for the users with diverse interests and preferences. Outdoor saunas are available in various sizes, designs, and specifications, and you can get the one according to your demands and needs.

The Royal Sauna knows that you love outdoor settings and want to install a sauna in your backyard. Therefore, the Royal Sauna has designed various sizes of outdoor saunas with different layouts and shapes. You can get the one that is according to your taste and that meets your user capacity. So, do you wanna get an outdoor sauna to enjoy the perks of a sauna bath while sitting in your beautiful lawn? Have you just answered yes? Contact the Royal Sauna team to get your favorite outdoor sauna at the earliest to get all the health benefits of the sauna.

If you have decided to get an outdoor sauna, you need to know the complete details about the outdoor sauna. It will help you in getting the right size and design of the outdoor sauna. Moreover, it will enhance your user experience.

So, here you go!

2 Person Outdoor Sauna

The Outdoor Sauna By Royal Sauna

The Royal Sauna is the most experienced sauna manufacturers in China. The Royal Sauna has more than 20 years of experience in outdoor sauna manufacturing. You can get various sizes of from the Royal Sauna according to your taste and preferences. You can get the following sizes of the outdoor sauna from the Royal Sauna.

The Size Guide of the Outdoor Sauna

Every user needs a different size of the outdoor sauna, depending upon the number of users and the available installation space in the backyard. Therefore, the Royal Sauna offers you the following sizes of the outdoor sauna.

One Person Outdoor Sauna

One person outdoor sauna is the smallest outdoor sauna that you can get to install in your backyard. If you have a small backyard with a small installation area available, one person outdoor sauna is the best choice for you. It provides you enough space to stretch your legs and body to get relaxed. Moreover, it provides you with an opportunity to enjoy your company without any disturbance and interruption.

Two Person Outdoor Sauna

As it is clear from the name, two person outdoor sauna is designed for two users. It is a perfect space for you and your partner to spend some quality time along with getting the ultimate health benefits. So, if you want to share a sauna with your “someone special, ” get a two person sauna and have fun.

Three to Four Person Outdoor Sauna

Three to four person outdoor sauna is a medium sized sauna. It does not need a huge space for installation. However, you cannot install it in a small area. If you have medium sized installation area available in your backyard or lawn, get a three to four person sauna and enjoy with your small family or a few of your friends.

The Customized Size

Some users have some unique requirements, and they want to get a sauna according to their preferences.  Are you the one with some unique preferences? The Royal Sauna offers something very exciting for you. You can get your customized design outdoor sauna from the Royal Sauna. Share your preferences, ideas, and size choice with the Royal Sauna team and get your customized outdoor sauna within a few days.

The Specifications of the Outdoor Sauna By the Royal Sauna

After knowing the available sizes of the outdoor sauna, you must be thinking about the specifications it offers you. To answer your query and to clear your confusion, we have listed down the specifications of the outdoor sauna. If you get the outdoor sauna from the Royal Sauna, you will enjoy the following specifications and features.

The Durable Exterior Material

The outdoor sauna is designed for the outdoor installation, and it has to bear multiple environmental factors. Therefore, the exterior of the outdoor sauna must be strong and durable.

To give you a long lasting experience, the Royal Sauna designs  and construct the outdoor sauna exterior with a durable material. The Royal Sauna imports wood from Canada to design the outdoor sauna. Red Ceder and Hemlock wood have been used to design the outdoor sauna so that it could bear the climatic effects and last for a longer time.

Constant Temperature

You get the sauna to get the heating therapy; therefore, the Royal Sauna, outdoor sauna offers you a constant temperature. Once you heat up the sauna, you will not face abrupt changes in the temperature unless you decrease or increase the sauna temperature.

Various Designs

The Royal Sauna offers you various designs of the outdoor sauna. You can get the most suitable one for you and that could enhance the look and beauty of your backyard.

Multiple Accessories

The Royal Sauna’s outdoor sauna is equipped with multiple accessories to enhance your user experience. You can get a music system, LED lights, sterilization, and a timer in the outdoor sauna. These accessories will make your sauna time more fun and enjoyable.

Beautiful Blend of Nature and Advance Technology

The outdoor sauna is designed for the outdoor installation. You can install it anywhere in your lawn or backyard. The flowers and plants in the backyard give you a natural environment, and the built in accessories such as the LED lights, music, and sound system give you an advanced ambiance. So, if you get an outdoor sauna, you will enjoy the perks of both the natural settings and the advanced technology.

Lifetime Experience

The Royal Sauna outdoor sauna is made with high-quality material and equipped with excellent accessories and a heating system. It gives you a lifetime experience without any tension of replacing and repairing the sauna. Moreover, the Royal Sauna offers you a long warranty to mitigate any damages or losses.

The Outdoor Sauna Design Guide

You know the available sizes, and you have an idea about the features and specifications of the outdoor sauna. However, apart from the size and specifications, the design and layout are equally vital because it could enhance or diminish your backyard area look. Therefore, you must choose wisely. The Royal Sauna team has prepared a sauna design guide to let you know about all the designs in which you can get an outdoor sauna.

A Sauna with Curved Glass Wall

If you want to enjoy the natural scenery of your backyard or garden, the curved glass wall sauna is the perfect choice for you. It is more often available in a cylindrical shape and a compact sized sauna. It has all the accessories, including the music system and the LED lights, to enhance the ambiance. The upper and lower benches are installed to give you heat therapy.

A Wooden Exterior Sauna

If you don’t like the glass walls and you feel uncomfortable in a see-through sauna, you can get a sauna made with high-quality wood. All the walls, roof, and door are made with the wood so that you can sit freely to enjoy your sauna experience. The sauna is made with red Ceder or Hemlock wood and equipped with high-quality accessories and a heating system to give you a soothing and tranquil ambiance.

Natural Sauna

If you love the colors of nature, you can use them in your sauna. To give a natural look to the interior of the sauna, you can install natural color lights in the sauna. Moreover, you can get the exterior of the sauna in natural colors.

Multiple Shapes of  Saunas

Multiple users prefer various shapes when it comes to the designs of the outdoor saunas. Many users like the simple rectangular shaped saunas, while others prefer cylindrical or cubed shape saunas. Therefore, the outdoor sauna manufacturers design the outdoor saunas in different shapes, and you can get what suits you the most. However, all these shapes give you an equally impressive and soothing experience and give you all the health benefits claimed by saunas.

Following are some most common shapes of the outdoor saunas.

Rectangular Sauna

It is the most common shape of the outdoor sauna. The rectangular sauna is more spacious than the other sauna shapes, and even a tall person could easily stand in the sauna. You can get it with two big windows to look outside and to air out the heat when needed. It is pretty simple in look, and many users prefer this shape.

Barrel Sauna

Barrel sauna is another available sauna shape. It is relatively a smaller sauna than the other shapes. Many users prefer the shape because you can easily heat it up and use it whenever you want to.

Igloo Sauna

Igloo sauna is not a commonly used sauna because it is specifically designed for snowy areas. The roof of the igloo sauna is specifically designed to save the sauna from the climatic effects.

Vertical Saunas

If you have the smallest installation space available, a vertical sauna is the best choice for you. It needs smallest installation area. You can install it in the smallest available space in your garden and it will look like a small house with the sauna specifications.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Outdoor Sauna

After knowing the sizes, designs, and specifications of the outdoor sauna, you must know the potential advantages and disadvantages of the outdoor sauna. If you know all the pros and cons of the outdoor sauna, you will take the best decision after evaluating every possible outcome and it will ultimately enhance the user experience.

The Royal Sauna cares about loyal customers. Therefore it brings both sides of the pictures to give you an idea and to facilitate you in every possible way.

The Advantages of the Outdoor Sauna

The outdoor sauna offers you the following advantages.

Huge Size Range

The outdoor saunas are available in multiple sizes, and you can get whatever you want. If you want to use it privately and have a small installation area available, you can get a small sized outdoor sauna. However, if you have a large installation space available and you want to share the sauna with your friends and family, you can get a large sauna to adjust 10-12 users in the interior. Therefore, the outdoor sauna offers something to everyone. No matter which size you want, you can get an outdoor sauna in your preferred size.

Various Shapes

The outdoor sauna is specifically designed for the outdoor settings. Therefore, you don’t have to worry to mix and match the sauna shape with the interior of your home. You can get the shape that you like the most.


If you love to get some customized features, shape, or size of the sauna, the outdoor sauna gives you a lot more customization options than the indoor sauna. Get the outdoor sauna in your favorite shape and size and enjoy.

Add Value to Your Home

The outdoor sauna is your investment, and it adds value to your home.

Easier to Ventilate and Drain

The outdoor saunas are designed for the outdoor installation, and therefore, such saunas are easier to drain and ventilate. You don’t have to build a ventilation system in your home as they are installed outside and vent naturally in the air.

Moreover, you don’t have to build a special drainage system to drain the sauna, instead, you can connect the outdoor sauna with the natural drainage system of your house. Hence, the outdoor sauna is easier to maintain and run than the indoor sauna.

The Disadvantages of  an Outdoor Sauna

Though the outdoor saunas offer you numerous advantages and benefits, but they have certain limitations and drawbacks that you must consider before making the final decision.

Exposed to Climatic Conditions

The outdoor saunas are designed for the outdoor installation. Therefore, they are more exposed to climatic conditions than the indoor saunas. Heat, rain, storms could affect the life and quality of the sauna and to save the sauna from the weather conditions, you have to take the precautionary measures that will increase the installation cost of the sauna.

The Installation Cost of the Sauna

The installation cost of the outdoor sauna is more than the indoor saunas. If you are going to install the outdoor sauna, you have to build the paver under the sauna that will increase the installation cost of the sauna. Additionally, you have to do the proper wiring to run the sauna, which will ultimately increase the installation cost of the sauna.

Moreover, if you want to save your outdoor sauna from the climatic effects, you have to build a roof over it that will be an additional burden on your installation budget.

You May Feel Uncomfortable

Many users feel comfortable accessing and using the indoor sauna because they don’t have to go outside of the home and enjoy the sauna experience in their home. However, they may find it hard to access, an outdoor sauna where they have to go outside the home. Moreover, you may not access the outdoor sauna easily if its raining, snow falling or if the outside temperature is too high.

Some FAQs About the Outdoor Sauna

How Much Does an Outdoor Sauna Cost?

An outdoor sauna costs you between $3,000 to $6,000. However, the price depends on various factors, including the size of the outdoor sauna, the design, and the outdoor sauna brand. To know the exact price of the outdoor sauna, contact the Royal Sauna team.

Is an Outdoor Sauna Worth It?

Many users ask this question that is it worths to have an outdoor sauna. The answer to this question depends upon your personal choice and preferences. If you love the outdoor settings and the natural environment, the outdoor sauna is the best choice. However, if you are a person who loves to sit indoors and enjoy the indoor settings, then the outdoor sauna may not be an option for you. Therefore, you must consider your interests and preferences before purchasing the outdoor sauna.

What is the Best Outdoor Sauna for Home Use?

Following are some best outdoor sauna brands.

  • The Royal Sauna
  • Almost Heaven
  • Monaco
  • Cayenne
  • Finland Outdoor Sauna
  • Western Pacific Sauna

Can Saunas be Outside?

Yes, saunas could be installed outside. In fact, the outdoor saunas are specifically designed for outdoor installation and you can install the sauna outside if it is up to your building codes.

How Do You Build an Outdoor Sauna Room?

If you want to build the outdoor sauna room, the Royal Sauna suggests you to follow the following process.

  • Construct the small drain in your backyard or garden.
  • If you already have a natural drainage system, you can connect the sauna with that drainage system.
  • Build a standard sauna doorway.
  • Construct the upper and lower benches with an ideal width.
  • Insulate the walls and ceiling of the outdoor sauna

What are the Best Outdoor Sauna Manufacturers?

Following are some best outdoor sauna manufacturers.

  • The Royal Sauna
  • Garden Sauna
  • Almost Heaven Sauna
  • Superior Saunas
  • Dundalk Saunas
  • Sunlight Saunas
  • Modern Saunas

How Much Does a Small Outdoor Sauna Cost?

Multiple brands offer you small outdoor saunas, and the small outdoor saunas’ price varies according to the quality, size, and brand. A low quality small outdoor sauna costs you $3,000. An average quality outdoor sauna costs you $4,500. However, if you want a premium quality small outdoor sauna, it could cost you $5,000 to $6,000. To know the precise information about the small outdoor sauna, contact the China Royal Sauna team.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Home Sauna?

The outdoor home sauna offers you the following benefits.

  • You can enjoy nature along with getting heat therapy.
  • You can relax and enjoy yourself in your premises.
  • You don’t have to share the sauna with others and specifically with the ones you don’t want to share.
  • The outdoor sauna, like any other sauna offers you multiple health benefits.
  • It increases the blood circulation.
  • It is beneficial for your heart health.
  • The outdoor sauna offers you a fusion of natural and artificial ambiance.
  • The outdoor sauna ambiance is good for your mental health and mood.
  • The outdoor sauna ambiance helps fight stress and tension.

What Do You Wear in an Outdoor Sauna Room?

Many new users ask this question that what should they wear in an outdoor sauna room. If you have the same question in mind, the Royal Sauna suggests you to wear an oversized T-shirt, loose fitting, cotton wrap and shorts. They will absorb the sweat from your body and keep it clean.

Does an Outdoor Home Sauna Need to be Vented?

Yes, an outdoor sauna needs to be vented. However, you don’t have to build a specific ventilation system for the outdoor saunas. However, it needs to vent out the hot air to keep the sauna air clean.

The Outdoor Sauna for Sale

Do you have enough space in your backyard? Do you love to sit outdoors in the natural settings? The outdoor sauna is the best and wise choice for you. You can get the outdoor sauna from the Royal Sauna. The Royal Sauna offers you a wide range of outdoor saunas. Multiple sizes and designs are available, and you can get the most suitable one.

Additionally, you can get the customized design and size of the outdoor sauna from the Royal sauna. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the Royal Sauna team and get your favorite outdoor sauna at the earliest.

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